Zuri Hamidi (Zobron) is one of the five Anti-Viruses and also one of the main protagonists of the animated series, Virus Attack.


Zuri is 15 years old and comes from a small village in Rhinda, Kenya located in Africa. He spent his whole life in a quiet family and it helped him appreciate the small and simple things that matter in life.

Physical Appearance

Zuri is slender, muscular with cocoa-brown skin, black Afro hair, with thick black eyebrows, and green eyes.

Powers and Abilities

As Zobron, a uranium anti-virus, he exhibits and distributes some of the powers and abilities to defeat various viruses from four planets and also Siderno that includes:

  • Maller: This power has the ability to double his size, can withstand extreme weight.
  • Stoner: This ability has a blow of colored beams that destroy objects.
  • Crush: This power gives him the ability to become a hundred times heavier and stronger.
  • Veltus: This power gives him the ability to quickly drill tunnels.
  • Morphus Hammer: This power has a massive shield that can also be used as a boomerang.
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