Yanez is the deuteragonist, Sandokan's best friend, Paco's companion and one of the main characters of the animated series, Sandokan.



Yanez is a young gentleman who has left his aristocratic environment to seek adventure. He personifies the spirit of free youth, intolerant of all formal rules, his main personality trait is irony. In fact, there is no situation, even the most threatening and dramatic, in which Yanez cannot see an ironic and amusing side.

He tends to shy away from love, because he feels that romance is not suited to a ruthless and independent adventurer, but deep down, Yanez is very sensitive and even a little fragile. He’s Sandokan’s best friend, and he calls him little brother. He’s the comic character of the group; in fact he is downright ironic, astute and mocking.

He alternates between moments of cynism (a realist, without moral limits, he’s an artful adventurer and he likes gambling) and moments of “tenderness” (he’s shy with women, but has a golden heart and a romantic soul). He expresses himself with jokes and he finds the ironic side to everything,taking every opportunity to make fun of the others.

It’s his way of defending himself from emotions (deep down he’s afraid of his own emotions). He down plays fear, mocks the enemy, shows the ridiculous side of human beings’negative aspects. But when it’s time to take action he changes, he is a tough nut to crack. Good luck to all those who have to deal with him and his knife!

Physical Description

Yanez is slender with fair skin, blue eyes and brown-yellow hair and eyebrows. Also, he is informal and vaguely untidy with his clothes are wrinkled, his shirt’s loose, his pants are sagging, a big leather belt and boots, a crooked floppy hat, uncombed hair, and a rebellious tuft of hair. When he has to wear serious or elegant clothing he seems awkward and clumsy; this doesn’t fit with his character and his intolerant nature is always revealed.

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