Wings is a character, a scorpion and the tritagonist of the animated series, Farhat with two seasons, The Prince of the Desert and The Black Scorpion.


Wings is a desert scorpion, but unlike other true scorpions, he has a definite head. He was raised and "etherified" by Al-Saied, an alchemist from the 12th century, to guard the secret of the Shariman and deliver it to the chosen one.


He is energetic, friendly, hyperactive, overly-excited, eternalized, smart, intelligent, funny, and silly when he comes into great and exciting adventures with Farhat and his friends.

Physical Appearance

He is a small and slender scorpion with a definite orange head with a yellow goatee and eyebrows. His entire body that contains two pairs of claws and legs has the form of a natural suit of armor with 4 yellow stripe-like drawers that contains herbs and brews and a green neck and also, he wears a metal helmet with a short gray skullcap.

Powers and Abilities

He is versed in magic herbs, and expresses himself in a rather "antiquated" language. He creates potions suited to whatever the situation, chewing herbs and drinking mysterious brews that blend together, building up in his stinger at the tip of his tail.

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