Who's Afraid of the Bad Wolf? is the sixth episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on November 2, 2015.


A wolf devoured a sheep near the village. The men go after him but Sissi fears that the predator is being accused of being wrong. Franz, for his part regrets having doubted her and wants to renew with her.


Sissi is so sad with tears in her eyes after an argument with Franz which he has accused her of having the camel escape from the stables of Hofburg, and even if the animal is found, the two has a terrible fight. Sissi, convinced that between them it's all over, returns to Possenhofen. Here, a dangerous and predatory wolf threatens the inhabitants, including the sheep and the other animals from the village. Sissi, Nut, Shadow and Flick decide to seek him before Max and the peasants of the village armed with pitchforks find him.

Even Theodore, Sissi's younger brother, takes the same decision, to prove to his parents he is now a man. When Louise realizes that her son disappeared, she asks Sissi to give the alarm to the men in the forest in search of the wolf and is worried that the terrible beast could hurt the child. The wolf, however, does not represent a danger to him.

Franz thinks back again from an argument with Sissi and confides in his brother Carl, and thanks to his help, he decides to get into the game that he will go to Possenhofen to ask forgiveness to Sissi for his accusation. Asking for forgiveness, Franz does not arrive empty-handed, but with a very special gift and also difficult to transport.

In exchange for freedom, the wolf reveals to Sissi that there is a way to leave the magic bracelet and finally to be able to kiss Franz this time. But if she gives up its powers, the bracelet might end up in other's very dangerous hands, which someone is desperately looking for it.


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