Van Gould is a character, the Governor of Maracaibo and the primary, main antagonist of the animated series, The Black Corsair.



Van Gould is an intelligent, notorious, despicable, dangerous, merciless, calculated, villainous, ruthless, murderous, and cruel governor of Maracaibo. He is also sadistic, manipulative, and truly evil.

Physical Appearance

About 50-years old, Van Gould is slender, tall and well built, with pale skin, long brown hair, a brown mustache, a brown goatee, and intense black, fiery eyes with thick brown eyebrows. His features are bold and a bit hard. As vigorous and robust as a man of forty or even younger, he had yet to loose his youthful agility. Time had furrowed his forehead and turned his hair and beard white, but hadn't bent his intensity.

At first glance he comes across as a Spaniard for that he is used to wearing a rich Castilian costume made of striped silk, with violet stripes and a black shirt. The wide embroidered sash he wears on his legs however (which in those days was the typical fashion of the Flemish), indicates the place of his true origin: The Flanders. In the first part of the series, his hair looks less white, and he has a more vigorous appearance.

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