Urp is one of the five aliens of the group and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Urp’s outstanding feature is his strength. He is a charged, compact bundle of strength, with zero social skills and is a total egotist. He finds his appearance extremely good-looking. All his strength lies in his muscles and not his brain; he is the strongest as well as the dumbest of the team. Urp lets himself be used, especially by Blip and Ulee. Urp tries to master life through his strength. Since this doesn’t always work, you can sometimes see Urp running away scared.

Urp plays the part of the strong macho, and despite his small vocabulary, he knows how to express himself. Though he is stupid, he tries to make up for his lack of wit through his confident manner. His ability to solve conflicts is limited to strong slogans and his muscular, strong body. If this manner is not successful, he gets scared and then subdued (of course he’ll later deny having been frightened).

Urp flirts with Neema (and if necessary also with Oona), but is regularly rejected. He says Blip is a softy, not a real man, although Urp knows that Blip is superior to him. Like many people with a characteristic such as his, he is on a constant look-out for someone that he can control. For the same reason, he wants to train Arfle to be his police dog, which Neema is always able to prevent.

Physical Appearance

Urp is obese with tan-brown skin, auburn brown eyes with dark brown-yellow eyelids, chocolate-brown eyebrows and ear-like pointed ears, his orange-salmon bottom lip and red-auburn mop and wig-like hair.

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