Ulee is one of the five aliens of the group, one of the main characters and the main protagonist of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Ulee is the youngest and the "Sunny Boy" of the Nimbols which he is always on the go. The minute no one is looking, he is off and away. He loves to discover, explore and investigate. His rocket-powered skateboard is a part of his vehicle – either the board is carrying him or he is carrying the board. The two of them are a real team when it comes to having fun and exploring Traffix.

Ulee is a computer game junkie who can sit for hours in front of the screen in the game simulator. He can therefore win races, shoot down aliens, or conquer strange worlds. Sometimes he doesn’t notice that he mixes the real world and computer world in his mind. Then life in his normal surroundings is like a computer game for Ulee.

Accordingly, he fears nothing and never avoids anything, even though it could be dangerous (“it is just a computer game“), which again and again leads him and the other Nimbols into difficult situations. When he realizes what he has done, he starts to cry and expects others to come to his rescue (especially his big sister Neema).


Naive, curious, mischevious, funny, silly, kind, good-hearted, heroic, and full of energy, he is the initiator and is almost always the cause of all the adventures.

When others brag about their "older brother," he brags back about his older sister Neema. Only when things get really hot does he lose all his courage and start crying. Ulee is optimistic, sporty, charming and knows how to take advantage of the fact that he is the youngest.

Physical Appearance

Ulee is a slender alien with golden tan-yellow skin, pointed ears, blue eyes, and mahogany and auburn-red spiked hair and eyebrows.

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