Triumph and Defeat is the thirtieth, thirty-first, thirty-second and thirty-third episode and the second multi-part episode of the animated series, Virus Attack and they were aired in the first part on July 8, the second and third parts on July 15 and the fourth part on July 22, 2011.


Part 1

The Anti-Viruses wait for the four generals and their hordes of soldiers to arrive.

Part 2

The Anti-Viruses must deal not only with the extremely powerful blows of the generals, but also with the machinations of the Viruses.

Part 3

Arghes succeeds in capturing two Virus "soldiers", imprisoning them with her hair. But before the antiviruses succeed in annihilating their enemies, they lose their tattoo power.

Part 4

Goldor and Dyamer - who have turned back into George and David - have been seriously wounded and are being taken to the hospital.


The Anti-Viruses

The Viruses

  • Siderno
  • Markleham
  • Nimargon
  • Urpegon
  • Skranet
  • Keysaten
  • Xmar


  • Edward Amaldi
  • Neela

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