The Valley of the Mayas is the fourteenth episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


The Mayans of the lost village welcome Farhat’s arrival, considering it predestined, and their queen, Shulena, appears to be rather fascinated by her quests, especially when Farhat and the others win a difficult game of ball against a team of local champions.

However, Rashid, dressed as a witch doctor, makes Farhat throw himself into a pool where Egokhan infects him with a terrible disease that was called, The Red Death. Tilda, with her scientific knowledge, and Shulena, with her knowledge of secret Jungle herbs, succeed in creating an antidote that will save Farhat from certain death.

Everything seems to be back in order. Farhat makes his way up an ancient pyramid to retrieve the fourth fragment of the Shariman. But, the pyramid bears the features of Egokhan and then swallows the young prince alive.




  • Nigel Swanson
  • Queen Shulena
  • Mayan Guards
  • Mayan Players
  • Mayan People


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