The Triumph of the Light is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


Farhat and his comrades make their way towards a great maze in order to face Egokhan in a last and final confrontation. After a fierce battle, Farhat is the last one standing against his arch nemesis who has prepared his cruel and ultimate challenge.

Egohkan has charmed Farhat’s parents, making them the guardians of the Labyrinth, ready to die in order to block their son’s path. The young prince doesn’t want to hurt them, but nevertheless, Yassir and Dolunai lifelessly fall to the ground. Farhat is overcome with grief. He angrily launches himself at Egohkan. The clash is tremendous, and Farhat does at last retrieve the Shariman from the place where Egokhan had removed it seven-thousand years ago.

The power of the magic crystal starts to extend throughout the entire maze, destroying Egokhan with incredible force. The demon falls to the ground, petrified. Good has triumphed over evil! Farhat’s parents come back to life, and Rashid is defeated, arrested and sent to jail.

The Shariman is then discovered to be the heart and fuel source of an ancient, ancient machine that brings life the desert with clean and everlasting energy. Because of it, the Emirates then transform into a peaceful, blooming garden. Life goes on… But what will our friends do next?




  • Nigel Swanson
  • King D'Emir Yassir
  • Queen Dolunai


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