The Serpent King (Italian: Naga il re dei serpenti) is the fifteenth episode of the third season (The Two Tigers) and the sixty-seventh overall episode of the animated series, Sandokan.


Led by the Mahout who tends to the elephant, they reach the outskirts of Bangkok. Following the directions engraved on the three golden arrows, they reach the Val Po temple. It holds an enormous statue of Buddha, but they cannot find anything that refers to the dragon or to the sea of mud. Outside the temple, Morugan is bitten by the deadly and poisonous Green Cobra. An incision is made to draw out the blood, but to no avail as she loses the use of her legs and has to lie down. The Mahout says that only Naga, the king of snakes, can save her. But they have to go to Bangkok. Yanez volunteers to stay behind to keep her company while the others leave.

In the chaotic city of Bangkok, Thailand, they find Naga’s house but there’s no one there. Someone tells them that he should be in the square. The suggestion was right, but he is about to be put to death. Naga has been accused of smuggling forbidden substances, having poisoned his creditors, theft, prejury, homicide, fraud, deception, reckless endangerment, looting of temples, illegal fishing and other crimes which he had committed. The executioner’s blade is about to chop off his head when Sandokan, after having thrown the magical dagger, sees the weapon strike the sword; it is smashed to smithereens and then returns to him like a boomerang. Our friends manage to let Naga escape and return to the temple, but in the meantime Morugan’s health is failing. Naga says there’s not much that can be done and the only solution is to extract more deadly and lethal poison from the glands of another Green Cobra. But since it is such a rare serpent, it can only be found inside the city of snakes.

While Yanez watches over Morugan as the paralysis rises progressively in her body, our heroes head for the city of snakes. It is a place in the jungle inhabited by thousands of snakes. It’s not an easy task, but they finally manage to capture the Green Cobra and rush off towards the temple. But Morugan’s conditions are desperate. Naga prepares a potion using crushed herbs and poison, while the rising paralysis is about to reach her heart. Naga administers the serum to her and, after a seemingly endless period of time, Morugan whispers something. She finally reawakens and remembers that Yanez confessed his love for her while he thought she was unconscious... In any case, Naga knows where the sea of mud can be found.




  • Naga
  • Mahout

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