The Rules of the Game (Italian: Le regole del gioco) is the fifth episode of the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on October 16, 2009.


Sweet's "earthly one", Edward, decides to buy a scooter but, because he doesn't have money, so, he organizes a poker game with some of his classmates. One of them, Charles, due to Kabale's trick, loses the money that he stole from his father, a man with difficult economic conditions, and asks Edward to give them back. He is indecisive, so Sweet and Kabale challenge each other and the Angel manages to win, but despite her best efforts, Kabale's intervention causes Edward to decide to buy the scooter. Meanwhile, Reina fuses Raf's handkerchief and Sulfus' glove, receiving from that fusion box is a black spider which Maliki sent.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching that dishonesty never pays.
  • Teaching that one must have strong values and follow them no matter how difficult it might be.




Earthly Ones

  • Jennifer
  • Andrew
  • Edward
  • Charles
  • Nick
  • Bully Boyz
  • Bad Girlz



  • Raf: "Free Time: are two magic words that can be placed between a commitment and another. A hobby, a pastime, something that help us to relax and crack our backbone, or a game result of the inspiration of the moment: no matter what, the important thing is that it will serve to joy us, because everyone has fun as they want, or how they can. But sometimes, when someone is having fun, someone else doesn't have fun at all, then comes the will to throw everything in the air and change the game, or change the rules to their advantage. Yes, sometimes the game can be dangerous, especially when it turns into a tricky game, into a trap ready to snap at you." (Raf)
  • Reina: "Keys, lock and bolt to lock me in the Limbo, my prison. With chains, link by link forged from eternal violation. These are the rules, codes and loopholes that decide what is right or what is wrong, but at every step hide a small trap, a trap ready to shoot in order to cheat the saint and the hanged man! Veto, love, hate, forces that have chained me, now I claim the podium, the scepter, the throne released. Hate, veto, love, give Reina the key to force their hearts, and the revenge to quench her thirst!"



  • Stop Fly


  • Invisible Fly
  • Double Fly

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