The Return of Sandokan (Italian: Sandokan alla riscossa) is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season (The Tiger of Malaysia) of the animated series, Sandokan.


Thanks to a wicked plan conceived by Suyodhana, Sandokan is accused of a crime so terrible that Governor Brooke considers himself authorized to go back on his agreement with Lady Carradine, and hunt down the criminal with every means at his disposal. The only problem is that Sandokan seems to have completely and utterly disappeared. Fortunately for the Governor, Marianne lost her pearl pendant during her last escape, and it has wound up in the hands of Suyodhana, who, by calling on all his powers, will be able to see in the pearl what Marianne is seeing at any given moment (especially if she is under the influence of a strong emotion).

In the meantime, Sandokan has been joined by Tremal-Naik, Ada, and their friends, the Maratha villagers. Sandokan realizes that the only way to recover his kingdom is by fighting for it, thus he, Marianne, and Yanez set out for Kiltar. The journey is full of unexpected dangers... A violent storm off the coast of Buzzard Cape, an attack by orangutans in the heart of the jungle, swamps infested with leaches, a rope bridge over a chasm... And as Marianne overcomes each dizzying hazard, Suyodhana follows her progress in the pearl. Thus, when Sandokan and his friends are certain that they have eluded Brooke, they suddenly find his forces deployed to block their only access to Kiltar.

The odds against our heroes are overwhelming, but thanks to their determination and cunning, they put up a good fight. When it seems that Brooke’s forces will triumph, the Dayaks, who owe their lives to Sandokan, then join the battle, lead by Hyrundo, and save the day; the English army retreats in disarray, and our heroes then limb the mountains on the last leg of their journey to Kiltar.





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