The Prince of Dinosaurs (Italian: Il Principe Dei Dinosauri) is an Italian animated film that was released in 2000, distributed by Mondo TV and also based from the animated series, The Legend of Sleeping Beauty.


Rakhal is the Prince of the Land of Ice, where the dinosaurs exhibit semi-human behaviors. The city is ruled by Chaca, an ancient troll, Myellin the owl, and a snow leopard named Cordall.

He is walking around in a splendid palace atop a mountain, and by chance, stumbles upon an ancient parchment full of incomprehensible hieroglyphs located in a niche. Rakhal summons the help of his five little dinosaur friends, Micr, Piath, Proth, Argy, and Frick.

In the morning near the market square, Rakhal finds his little friends and presents the parchment to them. Everybody agrees that it is "ancient-dinosauric" (prehistoric). The only one who can decipher it is Mutty, an elderly archaeologist who lives at the border of the known lands.

After a perilous journey, his friends at last reach the old archaeologist's abode. Meanwhile, Sir Braveheart is riding Sluggard, the giant snail, and although he feels honored to be involved in the mission, he doesn't know what part he has to play.

The answer comes from Mutty, who reveals the content shrouded by the ancient language of the parchment. Together with Sir Braveheart, who is travelling in unknown lands to reach them, Prince Rakhal and his five little friends are the only ones who can save their world from the evil forces of Maya, a wicked countess. Their first mission is to free Princess Aura, that she was held captive by an impenetrable energy barrier located deep in a cave of the unknown lands.