The Nimbols, is a 2004-2005 3D CGI-animated action-comedy television series that was part of MobileKids, and was distributed by Mondo TV.


Developed as a part of playful learning is the principle behind MobileKids, the computer-animated series "The Nimbols" is an entertaining educational tool to promote road safety by Daimler-Chrysler's unique traffic-safety initiative in a manner which is appropriate for children between the ages of 8-12. This innovative action-comedy animated series consists of 26 thirteen-minute episodes and is created in the spectacular 3D CGI animated format.


This series follows the adventures of five young Nimbols who live in a fictional parallel world in the Gravelox Solar System. The Space Academy where they live and attend school is on the central planet Traffix, one of the five planets of this solar system.

All Nimbols come from different planets and exhibit a huge variety of physical and cultural characteristics. Like kids everywhere, they make mistakes, underestimate situations and knowingly break the rules, which often places them in harm's way. As opposed to preaching about rules and regulations, the series shows the group becoming aware of mobility issues through experience, with the focus being more on developing their perceptions and general awareness of road safety situations.

Many of the dangers on Traffix are mobility related. There are various forms of transportation, all familiar to our eyes, but often bordering on the fantastic. Flying saucers, rocket-powered cars and built-in anti-gravity units all can be a hazard if one is not careful. The aim of the project is not only to increase the safety awareness of children worldwide, but also to portray the importance of teamwork and of working together on problems to obtain a common goal.

Although it is a medium for safety issues, the series is in essence humorous, lively, and fun-filled entertainment, and also treats environmental themes. With interesting and larger than life characters that swiftly draw you into their captivating world, "The Nimbols" is also about school, team-work and friendship.



  • Ulee - The naive ball of energy.
  • Blip - The cool and smart inventor.
  • Neema - The impulsive idealist.
  • Oona - The intellectual know-it-all.
  • Urp - The dumb and clumsy strongman.
  • Benedikt - The confused robot pendant.
  • Arfle - The anarchist gourmet.


  • Hari - The romantic taxi.
  • Door - The cynic.
  • Traffic Cop - The law.
  • Slick - The arrogant loudmouth and the first of the trio.
  • Blick - The follower and the second of the trio.
  • Glick - The complainer and the third and last of the trio.
  • Eye - The opportunist.


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