The Long Night of the Dayachi (Italian: La lunga notte dei Dayachi) is the twenty-second episode of the first season (The Tiger of Malaysia) of the animated series, Sandokan.


Sandokan discovers that Brooke smuggles diamonds out of Kiltar through a remote outpost on the Rajang River in the heart of the Borneo jungle. Sandokan and the Tigers set out to find proof that will incriminate the Governor once and for all. At the same time, the Governor himself, accompanied by Guillonk, goes up river to personally check up on the work of his manager, Litang, a rather unsavory Malayan adventurer.

Sandokan’s mission is full of unexpected risks; in fact at first, he must cross the territory of the Dayaks, the tribe that killed his father twenty years before. Their leader, Hyrundo, is the brother of Nasumbata, the cruel Rajah who now sits on the throne of Kiltar. Sandokan hides near Brooke’s outpost during a lunar eclipse, which for the superstitious Dayaks, is an omen of impending disaster. Therefore, when Sandokan is captured by Hyrundo and his men and taken to the village, they are convinced that he is the harbinger of evil. Yanez and the Tigers are concerned when Sandokan does not show up, and set out to find him.

In the meanwhile, Brooke learns about the existence of Hyrundo, the only living witness to his crimes, and plans an attack on the Dayak village in order to kill him. While he is a prisoner of the Dayaks, Sandokan finds out what really happened on that tragic night, twenty years before, and then realizes to his surprise that Hyrundo and his men are in fact true friends. When everything to be resolved, and Yanez and the Tigers are reunited with their Sandokan, Brooke then arrives, and cynically decides that the easiest to solve his problem is to burn down the village.

Sandokan can’t let his new friends die, and with reckless daring, he and Yanez blow up the dam above the valley, so that the flood of water saves the village and sweeps away the Governor and his men. In the end, although Sandokan doesn’t find the diamonds, nor any proof of Brooke’s illegal activity, he is enriched by a new friendship. He returns to Mompracem knowing that in the future, he will be able to count on the help of the brave Dayaks whenever he decides to regain the kingdom of Kiltar.




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