The King Lion was Simba's deceased father and a character of the animated series, Simba the King Lion.

Role in the series

Under the King Lion's reign, there was only harmony and justice among the inhabitants of the jungle but he and the jungle had two terrible enemies, the humans (poachers) with their ignorance and longing of possession and Shere Khan, the tiger with his envy and desire for power and title.

He had three cubs, and one of them, Simba, was to be his heir when reaching adulthood. The family of the King Lion lived in harmony until Shere Khan, with the help of a hyena henchman, Iena, his sly lieutenant, decided to lay an ambush on his family and kidnap his cubs, leaving him without descendants. From this sad occasion which Simba's mother was also killed and also, the animals also mourned his tragic death.


  • The character was also similar to Mufasa from Disney's The Lion King.
  • It was known that the King Lion was shot by poachers, similar to Mufasa's death by his evil and bad brother, Scar throwing him off a cliff and trampled by the wildebeest stampede from the film.
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