The Fire is the seventh episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on November 3, 2015.


A fire threatens the forest and Sissi decides to save the animals from danger and certain death. Sofia and the Baroness go in search of the book and the magic bracelet.


When Nenè returns from her trip, she is happy to see Sissi again and for nothing is uncomfortable looking at the romantic gazebo on the lake shore, brought by Franz. And just by exchanging confidences in the gazebo, Sissi discovers the reason of Nenè's happiness. Meanwhile in the forest, a fire breaks out and Sissi, Nut, Shadow and Flick do their best to save the animals threatened by the fire with deadly smoke, but only the power of the bracelet will help them.

On this occasion, they know Glis, a dormouse, which Nut immediately takes in antipathy and jealousy of other's attentions. In Vienna, Sofia and Baroness von Tollet, intending to find the magic bracelet, try to search for an ancient book that tells its story and reveals many secrets. Both of the women in disguise, interrogate an old bookseller, Her Sommer, showing him the few pages of the book in their possession.

The man pretends not to recognize those pages, but he knows more than what he says and inadvertently reveals to the duo where the book is. Ludwig, travelling toward Possenhofen is attacked by the ravens and falls unconscious to the ground in the impenetrable forest.

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