The Extreme Sacrifice is the thirteenth and final episode of the animated series, Spartacus.


On the eve of the last battle, people await their last hours at the grounds the two encampments. Spartacus clearly understands the situation and wants to fight so as to achieve a glorious death on the battlefield, and so entrusts Giunia and his son to Gallo and Egizio, ordering them to immediately leave the encampment, along with a small escort. On the dawn of a rainy day, the last battle commences. Gallo, and Egizio are leading Giunia and the baby to safety, followed by a platoon of the Roman Calvary and approach a dangerous burrow.

The battle is terrible and bloody- with a golden mask on his face, Spartacus fights strenuously. When the battle is over, Crasso, and his lieutenants go around the battlefield asking the officers: “…Is Spartacus dead?!…” The officers answer: “… We searched among the dead, but no one among us could recognize him…”

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