The Evil Spirit (as Akuma 悪魔) is the true antagonist of the final episode, The Kiss, of the Japanese anime series, The Legend of Snow White.


He was a transfiguration of Madame Helene's soul, which it had created twenty years ago before the main story by a tremendous and powerful spell.

In the form of a giant bat-like demon, the evil spirit lives by exploiting the body of her victims, including beautiful women under his evil influences to become selfish and vindictive.

Physical Appearance

Akuma is a gigantic, enormous and muscular demon with blue fur, white fangs and bat-like ears, gold yellow-glowing eyes with red iris, red devil-like horns and big purple bat-like wings.

Powers and Abilities

Equipped with enormous magical powers, it is limited in its use in the real world from the body's host without a soul, which under the pressure of dark magic, when abused, begins to age prematurely, forcing an evil being to look for another victim to sacrifice.

Role in the episode

After living in Lady Chrystal's body from the day of her twelfth birthday, controlling her mind and actions, Akuma returned through the Magic Mirror to the legendary Castle of Life. Here, bathing in the source of eternal youth, regained full strength and power and then exploited them with Snow White's body in the real world.

Having entered the Kingdom of Life, Prince Richard of Albertville confronted him and, thanks to the light of the hope generated by Snow White's soul, managed to kill him with the sacred sword of Milarka, saving not only his beloved Snow White, but also the young Chrystal, which freed herself from his diabolical influence and clutches.


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