The Eagle and the Seagull (mistakenly known as As the Eagle and the Seagull in a title card) is the ninth episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on November 5, 2015.


Sissi and her family are in Bad Ischl. She leaves secretly with Ludwig in search of the secret cave. Inside, a message is revealed to her that she knows how to save her love story with Franz.


As every year, at the end of the summer, Sissi is on a vacation with her entire family in Bad Ischl, at the inn of Frau Margarete. Here, there is also Ludwig who promises to bring her into the cave of love which it is located on a high mountain, and that it seems to be just one of the places described in the book of the bracelet. Sissi hopes to find there something to win the magic that prevents her from kissing Franz.

Their plans are likely to be scuppers by Francis Charles, Franz's father who is also here on his vacation and he discovers himself which is very similar to Sissi, saying that they're both allergic to the rules of court! Meanwhile, Sofia succeeds to keep Franz away from Sissi and sends him away because a good relationship between France and Napoleon III. Also, he is to the rescue of Elodie, a noble and beautiful French girl who is kidnapped by ruthless brigands on the Italian border of the empire.

On the high mountain, trying to reach the cave, Sissi, Nut and Ludwig help a strange couple, Tristano and Isotta. Tristano is an eagle, and accustomed to fly in higher altitudes, and Isotta is a seagull which is because of love she wants to follow him but begins to suffer for the altitude. An impossible love that recalls in Ludwig his secret love for Sissi. Finally at the top of the mountain Sissi and Nut enter the cave of Love and what happens to them is pure magic.

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