The Dog is the nineteenth episode of the first season of the animated series, The Great Book of Nature.


A dog and a pig are out in the forest looking for pears. The pig is greedy and tries to hoard as many pears as he can, but he then falls into a crevasse. After helping the pig to climb out of the crevasse, the dog ends up in the river at the foot of the cliff. Luckily, a cat saves the day, but subsequently the dog contracts a high fever.

The pig has a guilty conscience, and decides to go looking for wild honey, said to heal and cure almost any ailment. However, when he finds the honey, his appetite gets the better of him, he forgets about his friend in need, and so starts to eat and eat and eat. Finally, the cat promises to give the pig all his winter supplies in return for a little honey.

The cat, who will now have nothing to eat for the whole winter, takes all the honey to the dog in order to heal him. When the pig sees how the cat’s winter ailments have served their purpose he understands the error of his ways and returns all of the cat’s supplies. At the end of the story, the pig admits he was selfish and begs the cat and the dog to forgive him for behaving so badly.

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