The Dholes are the recurring antagonists of the Japanese anime series, The Jungle Book and minor antagonists of the Italian animated series, Simba the King Lion.


They are a pack of carnivorous and predatory red fox-like dogs who invade the jungle to rule it all.


Unlike most typical carnivorous red dogs, they're wrathful, vengeful, carnivorous, egotistical, power-hungry, sadistic, evil, villainous, ruthless, aggressive, murderous and dangerous.

Physical appearance

In the anime series, The Jungle Book, they're slender and fox-like with red fur, black noses and white fur on their chests and pointed ears.

Roles in the series

The Jungle Book

In the seventh episode, The Cold Fang, the Dholes first appear in Baloo's flashback where his mother gets caught in a trap known as the "Cold Fang". His mother tries to fend them off, but gets killed, along with Baloo's brother.

They also appear in Fargas' flashback where he gets attacked by them, but gets saved by Alexander, Mowgli's adoptive wolf father. Mowgli first encounters a few when they enter Rahhar's campsite where he is. They drive them off by making noise via banging on pots and pans. They later appear as supporting characters in the twenty-second episode, The Waterfront Truce.

In the forty-first episode, Run Through the Valley of Death, Mowgli gets rid of a larger number of them driven into the jungle by drought by luring them to a beehive and they're chased off by the swarm of bees. To escape them, they jump into a river, then when they swim their way out of it, they're mauled to death by the wolves.

Simba the King Lion

They only appear in the 13th episode of the series.

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