The Dating Game is the eleventh episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The school dance is approaching and the Nimbols are all scrambling for their dates. The problem is that Neema and Oona are having a major fight about who gets to ask Blip, while Urp and Ulee are in a heavy competition for Glick. In letters to Blip Neema takes the romantic approach, while Oona, being the logical Nimbol that she is, relates why he owes her this date.

Urp and Ulee, on the other hand, are fighting it out on the streets with their vehicles. After trying to impress Glick with their driving skills and both bombing out, they decide to settle it with a race. After wreaking havoc among both vehicles and pedestrians alike, they wind up getting their vehicles impounded by Traffic Cop. All four could have saved themselves a lot of trouble, because Glick already has a date… as so does Blip.




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