The Cyborgs are a trio of alien and robot hybrids and the main antagonists of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Cyborgs live in a world underneath the surface of Planet Traffix. Their appearance is exceeded only by their nasty and ugly but monstrous character. They lie, steal, and don’t care about law and order at all. They are nasty crooks and are not afraid even of Traffic Cop. At least not when they appear as a group. The Nimbols are afraid of the Cyborgs and they're trying to avoid them.


They are not very intelligent, but rather crafty, sneaky and are responsible for a couple of chaotic situations on Traffix and also are ruthless, dangerous, villainous, dastardly, and evil.

Physical Appearance

They are obese with deformed faces with bumps, droopy ears, onion-green to stalk-brown green skin and arms with robotic arms and rusted metal hands which they are part alien and part robot. Also, they wear metal accessories such as chains on their shirts, metal hats and belt straps on their faces.


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