The Crow is the episode of the first season of the animated series, The Great Book of Nature.


Two young rabbits remain at home, while their grandfather goes out to collect wild fruit in the woods. The older rabbit decides to disobey their grandfather, and persuades the younger one to follow it into the woods. However, in order to defend themselves against the fox that roams the woods, the older brother steals the grandfather’s hunting rifle.

When the two rabbits find themselves face to face with the starving fox, they discover the rifle is not loaded. In fact, the grandfather has unloaded the weapon because he’s afraid the two brothers might hurt themselves. Grandfather arrives in the nick of time!

The plan the crafty fox has devised with his friend the crow (who wants to get revenge on the two young rabbits) fails miserably. The fox and the crow then receive a suitable punishment, and the disobedient rabbits learn that it always pays to listen to people who have more experience.

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