The Brown Bear is the thirty-fourth episode of the first season of the animated series, The Great Book of Nature.


In the first part of the episode, a rabbit, and a young bear on a school field trip, have to identify various kinds of trees. Unfortunately, the bear gets lost, and since he has never paid much attention in class, he doesn’t know how to find north, and therefore cannot find his way back to the clearing where he had agreed to meet the rabbit.

Thanks to a tree, he manages to find his way back, but, in the meantime, the rabbit has gone off looking for him. In the second part, a young brown bear is swept away when a riverbank breaks. Fortunately, the bear is then saved by a kind-hearted old man. The bear is adopted by the man and his dog, and in its eagerness to repay the man for his kindness, it insists on helping in every way possible, causing all kinds of problems.

In fact, as the bear grows up, it becomes too strong for its own good, however, as it gets older it finally appreciates (at its own expense), how to cope with its enormous strength.

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