The Accident is the eighteenth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Somebody has tampered with the brakes on Urp’s dragster, landing both he and Ulee in the Traffix City Hospital. At the same time, a trophy has been stolen from the Space Academy. Oona, Blip and Neema become detectives, sifting through Lari the Litter Bin for evidence and even braving the junkyard to confront the Cyborgs. Oona, with Lari’s help, finds the trophy hidden in some bushes and sets an ambush for the thief.

The trap works and they snare at Willowbee, a crazy, mean, mad, insane, thieving and villainous tutor with red eyes and black metal that had been expelled from the Academy for sabotaging a school spaceship. Further proof comes from the falsely accused Cyborgs who want to clear their name. It was Willowbee that had sold them those brake parts. The mad robot wanted revenge, but he is defeated and arrested, thanks to the Nimbols, Lari and the Cyborgs, the case is solved.





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