Tasaru is the prince of the Forest Tribe and one of the main characters and protagonists of the animated series, Gormiti.


Tasaru, the Tree Prince of the Forest Tribe is the youngest of the four main heroes. He is accompanied at ali times by a "familiar" Sebi, a small bird creature who can speak! Sebi is like the angel on Tasaru's shoulder - encouraging mature decisions and often frustrated when he charges ahead without thinking.


Enthusiastic and impressionable, he is also the most willing to follow Agrom's lead. His lack of experience in the world finds him looking for leadership from others. This open-minded eagerness always points the way to the future, but being so agreeable also makes him the most gullible of his friends. Tasaru is definitely entertaining. He's got a sharp sense of humor, the heart of a practical joker and is quick to make a clever quip. It is both his youthfulness and his love of laughter that leaves his tribe lacking faith that he can become their protector, let alone their king.

Powers and Abilities

When Tasaru calls on the power of his Gorm stone, all surrounding plant matter envelops him, making him bigger and stronger. He also becomes psychically attuned to the vegetation of Gorm which he exhibits amazing control over. Thick, unbreakable vines can snake off his body to attack one such vine has a hook-like gnarled branch, that can grab hold of objects. Tasaru can also fire sharp wooden "pine needles" from his hands and fingers. Also, he had three special powers that were combined to defeat the Volcano Tribe.

  • Tasaru + Agrom = Plantepillar - Vines that tunnel underground to attack a distance away
  • Tasaru + Noctis = Tornator - A tornado of hard hitting plant debris
  • Tasaru + Piron = Flytrapper - A Piron directed water shoot that slides adversaries into the mouth of a giant venus flytrap kind of plant to imprison them.
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