Surama is a supporting character of two seasons of the animated series, Sandokan, alongside her love interest, Yanez.


Surama is an exotic, shy, and solitary creature. She is also a princess from Assam, unjustly deprived of her rank, and sold into slavery. She keeps her oriental calm and dignity, even in the most difficult situations, and is a girl with a strong sense of independence.


Perhaps because Surama, like Yanez, is a solitary heroine, she is exotic, mysterious, free, and courageous. She has the dignity of a princess, but also the simplicity and irony to get herself through any situation. Sensual, sweet, feminine but also authoritative, audacious, she is a fighting queen who guides her people. She is united to Yanez by a promise of love resisting to the torture of distance, in fact after her departure, Yanez never heard from her again, but has never forgotten her.

Physical Appearance

In the first season of the series, Surama is slender with olive-bronzed skin, rosy lips, blue eyes, slender figure, blueish-black long hair, and bangs.

Season two shows another side of Surama’s beauty. Instead of olive-bronzed skin, she instead has fair skin with an orange tint with dark blue to black hair, bangs, side strands, and blue eyes. She also has a noticeably long neck, with red lips and thin eyebrows. On the top of her head is a thin olive band with a ring in the middle.

Role in the series

At age 10, she was sold as a slave to the Sultan of Varuni who made her a bajadera. She meets Marianne on an adventure where she helps her escape to Mompracem. A great love develops between her and Yanez, but she leaves him soon, to return to Assam to find out what happened to her family after she had disappeared. She is the only woman who was able to touch Yanez’s heart, in fact he feels deeply touched by her, magically understood without needing words to explain.

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