Super Little Fanta Heroes is an Italian animated fantasy and adventure television series that consists about 39 episodes in a season that was released in 1997 through 1998 and was distributed by Mondo TV.


From the beginning of the time, from the creation of mankind, the unchallenged masters of the globe have always been Good and Evil, both very powerful kings disputing worldwide supremacy.

The evil and villainous hordes were vomited from the dark and timeless zones of Chaos, when on earth life was not measured in millenniums and centuries but in Eras. Good has always modeled his heroes so they shine at all times for their bravery and nobility in daylight, and not be overshadowed by the darkness of dens and caverns.

The heroes were chosen for their goodness for these adventures, and gifted by their ancestors’ virtues including Hercules and his friendly dog Cerberus, Hua Mulan and her friendly eagle Tylli and the ninja turtle Dragon, Ulysses with the help of the Ram and the Bear, King David with the cheetah Betsy, the Thief of Baghdad with the help of the cave lion Yubba, Jerome and the friendly cave cougar Bloody Knife and the buffalo Wapi, protected by the Blue Yeti, with the help of the two little dinosaurs called Knock and Hit.


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