Spartacus is an Italian animated series that is created and distributed by Mondo TV with only a season and thirteen episodes.


Behold an exciting story, one that is sure to captivate public audiences who’ve been previously treated to movies based on gladiatorial themes for cinema. To make our work more suitable for children, they had intentionally contained some of the more severe content found in some scenes, and placed emphasis on some of the characters, along with their humanity, their sense of justice, their respect for honor, their affections, and even tenderness.

As fate would have it, Spartacus’ rebellion was doomed to fail; nevertheless, this myth has continued to live on after him given the gravity exerted by his vision of an ever-possible freedom of spirit, a freedom that no [slave] master could purloin. This story imparts a concept dealing with human dignity during a time when the Roman Gladiators (who were treated not much differently than slaves in those days) were often obligated to die for Rome’s mere amusement.

The story evolves around events in which the lead characters live out the heroism, the cruelty, and the misery that accompany the “profession” they are forced to endure and exploit. However, they will also later know the fulfillment that comes with the decision to rise up in revolt against injustice in the name of liberty.


Our story promptly begins with the unfair trial of a young Roman legionnaire called Spartacus and his sentence to gladiatorial slavery. The years pass as Spartacus witnesses first hand the injustices and oppressions that the slaves and peasants must suffer. Thus, in 73 A.D., having chosen the right moment after reuniting a group of some 70,000 rebels, Spartacus marches against Rome in the name of freedom.

Only a legion commanded by Longinus Crassus (among which we find the young Julius Caesar as well) can put down his army of rebels. Along the Appian way at least 6,000 rebels are crucified as a warning not to disobey Rome. Two of Spartacus’s lieutenants, Gallus and Egizius, will manage to save themselves and integrate into Roman society, in which they will in the end become two hardened defenders.

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