Sofia is the Archduchess of Bavaria and the former primary, main antagonist of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress.


She is the Archduchess of Bavaria and Franz's mother, who tries to stop Sissi from engaging in a marriage to him. She is convinced that she will never be able to be the role of Empress and this leads her to counter Franz's love for her. When she discovers that Sissi has the magic bracelet, she will try in every way to take it away from her.


Sofia is a tough and serious character who is usually stiff in posture and also in words, she is usually strict, arrogant, malevolent, regal, cunning (according to her plans to be Empress), sophisticated, envious, devious, selfish, and jealous of Franz and Sissi's romantic relationship.

Physical Appearance

Archduchess Sofia is a slender and regal woman who has fair skin, thin brown eyebrows, blue eyes, magenta rose-pink lips. Also, she wears accessories such as her gold ruby-red jeweled earrings on both of her ears and red and yellow flower headbands on both sides of her head.

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