Snow White's Castle is one of the location of The Legend of Snow White. It is a small castle where Snow White and her parents, King Conrad and Queen Rosebud, and her stepmother, Queen Chrystal, live.

Places of Interest

  • Throne Room: Where Snow White's parents, King Conrad and Queen Rosebud, sitting on their thrones. But after her mother died, he had remarried to a new queen.
  • Snow White's Bedroom: Where Snow White and her pets sleep.
  • King Conrad and Queen Rosebud's Bedroom: Where her parents sleep, but when Rosebud was dead, it just owned by her father and stepmother.
  • Dinning Room: where Snow White and her parents eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Queen Chrystal's Sorcery Room: where Queen Chrystal had filled with potions and magic ingredients: black magic, potions, poisons, disguises, witchcraft, black arts, sorcery, alchemy, astrology.
  • Dugeons: where the criminals being locked in jail.


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