The Legend of the Titanic Smiley the Dog
is Don Juan's dog from the animated Titanic film, The Legend of the Titanic, and the sequel, In Search of the Titanic.


The Legend of The Titanic

Smiley first appears dancing with Don Juan as Elizabeth watches them. Juan then sends Smiley over to her. As Smiley walks up to Elizabeth, she pets him, but he then takes her glove and takes it back to Juan before Elizabeth boarded the Titanic with her father. Later, before Juan and Smiley board the ship, the guard tells Juan that Smiley must be kept on a leash. However, after Juan boards the ship first, Smiley peed on the guard's leg before boarding the ship, must to his annoyance.

Later on, Smiley goes looking for Elizabeth. After he gets thrown out of the ship's ballroom (the Grand Staircase), he meets Top Conners and Ronnie. The two mice then help Smiley bring Elizabeth and Don Juan together. Later on, when Smiley was asleep by the air vent, Ronny quickly kicks him on his nose to wake him up. Conners and Ronnie then tell Don Juan and Smiley about Evarard Maltravers' plan to sink the Titanic to cover his tracks. Juan, Smiley and the two mice then go around the ship to keep an eye on Maltravers. While that, Smiley finds a message in the ship's telegraph room and quickly brings it back to Elizabeth and Juan.

Later on, when the Titanic was sinking, Smiley, Conners and Ronnie quickly helped Elizabeth and Juan rescue Elizabeth's father and quickly got him to a lifeboat.

Later at Elizabeth, Juan, Conners and Stella's weddings, two mice tell Smiley great news and he quickly tells them to Elizabeth and Juan. That's when everyone went to the harbor where Tentacles, the giant octopus who was holding on to the Titanic keeping it together, and the dolphins and whales where.

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