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Sissi: The Young Empress (also known in Italian as, Sissi: La Giovane Imperatrice and shortly as Sissi) is an Italian animated fantasy television series that is made in 2015 by Mondo TV and consists two seasons and 52 episodes.


Sissi, the Young Empress is a brand new version, freely adapted from the original story and dedicated to the younger female audience, that emphasizes the modern and free personality of the young Empress, the bound with her large family and her beloved Franz.


When Elizabeth is 15 years old, she loves animals and her large family. She looks like many other girls, yet she is a free-spirited princess and nicknamed by everyone, Sissi. Also, she has a bracelet that allows her to communicate with her animal friends, by example, Nut, a cynical, but nice squirrel, Shadow, a playful dog and Flick, a loyal horse.

This is the way that one of the most romantic stories of all time began. Torn apart between her home at Possi Castle and the Schönbrunn Palace, Sissi has troubles following the rules of court and earning the love of her future mother-in-law. But even in hard times, she can rely on Franz and his great love.

Cast and Characters


  • Sissi (Elisabeth of Wittelsbach): Voiced by Emanuela Ionica, Anna Charlotte Barbera (Italian), Kelly Coalson (English)
  • Nut: Voiced by Alessandro Quarta (Italian), Billy Bob Thompson (English)
  • Shadow: Voiced by Alex Polidori (Italian), Unknown (English)
  • Flick: Voiced by Luigi Morville (Italian), Unknown (English)
  • Pegaso: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Franz (Franz Joseph I of Austria): Voiced by Emanuele Ruzza (Italian), Graham Halstead (English)
  • Ludwig: Voiced by Luca Mannocci (Italian), David Errigo Jr. (English)
  • Nenè: Voiced by Chiara Oliviero (Italian), Erica Schroeder (English)
  • Sofia: Voiced by Anna Cugini (Italian), Sarah Pesek (English)
  • Baroness Von Tollet: Voiced by Maura Cenciarelli (Italian), Unknown (English)
  • Sara: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)


  • Duke Max: Voiced by Roberto Draghetti (Italian), Dave Willis (English)
  • Louise: Voiced by Chiara Colizzi (Italian), Joey Schaljo (English)
  • Ludwig Wilhelm: Voiced by Gabriele Lopez (Italian), Unknown (English)
  • Theodore: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Mary: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Spatz, Sofia and Mapperl: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Ilary: Voiced by Agnese Marteddu (Italian), Unknown (English)
  • Lulu: Voiced by Laura Amadei (Italian), Unknown (English)


  • Johann: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Astor: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Giselle: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Wolf: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)
  • Brick: Voiced by Unknown (Both Italian and English)

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  • During the broadcast of the second season, it was announced that the third season is under development.
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