Simba is a character and the titular main protagonist of both the animated series, Simba the King Lion and Simba Jr. to the World Cup and also a supporting character of the other animated series, Winner and the Golden Child



He's very honorable, noble, and compassionate. He's considered to be the polar opposite of Shere Khan, as he doesn't rely on violence and vengeance, and he also gives his enemies mercy after defeat.

Physical Appearance

Simba is a slender, muscular and handsome lion with brown eyes, a brown mane, black nose, and tan-golden fur and light freckles.

Powers and Abilities

Simba uses his powers of the Great Bear with the Beams of Light, paralysis, invisibility and the stars of the Big Dipper which he obtained from the Fireflies to protect his friends from danger and certain death.

Role in the series

He was once raised by his parents in the Savannah, but was later adopted by Mother Wolf and her pack after he became an orphan. Shere Khan killed both of his elders, his dad by poachers, and his mom by his own claws; he witnessed the latter. Hiding in the Jungle, he befriended with Buckshot the fawn, and they both wanted to be kings of the Jungle and the Black Forest respectively. Later on he met many friends including his mentors Bagheera, Kaa, Augustine, Arbor, and Baloo and his friends Winner, Thin and XL, Canary, and Flash.

Thanks to the Fireflies, he and Buckshot were able to obtain the powers of the Big Dipper. And he uses them to protect those he cares about from the clutches of Shere Khan and Kurdy.

As he grew up, he organized an army to protect the Jungle and Mt. Kilimanjaro from the evil tiger. He once went through the Valley of Forgotten Time and the Nile to gather various recruits during the war against Shere Khan and his troops. He succeeded when he finally was able to defeat his long-time nemesis after he confronted his uncle, Kingo.

Since then, he made his home in Mt. Kilimanjaro in which the throne and crown was guarded by two snow leopards. During Shere Khan's war, he met Farna in a valley, though he was sidetracked by his threats. But thanks to his friends' efforts, they were able to meet. After that, they became the new loyal king and queen and later bared a son and daughter, Simba Jr. and Luce. He made the Commandos, the General and the warthogs, as their own escorts and guards.

Due to the sacred lake, he can see the outside world and Thin and XL, Winner, and Canary lived in the peaceful summit, until he discovered that Shere Khan's sinister uncle, Berdan, had grown into power and avenge his death. A few days later, his family developed some powers of their own: thanks to the oracle lioness, she gave the cubs their own abilities; Jr. had the powers of the Big Dipper like his father, and Luce had the ability to see visions like her grandaunt.

Finally, thanks to the medallions' secret, his family and his friends were able to live together from great distances and reunite.

Simba Jr to the World Cup

He received the warning from his children that Winner has been kidnapped by humans. Thanks to Arbor, he got the intel that Winner was on a jet plane heading to New York, the other side of the ocean. He has decided to put together a search party including Buckshot, Thin and XL, Flash, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, Canary, Augustine, and Ludwig. They were captured by the Stinking Saloon rats until they were rescued by his son's and daughter's rescue team. He reunited with them later after they won the World Cup as Team Africa along with Coach Winner.

Winner and the Golden Child

By the arrival of his daughter, Luce, along with the wise leopard, Cordall, he discussed with his allies (Buckshot, Cicci, Fox, Hanz, and Winner) on how and where they can protect the prophesized child, Ari. He debated on what the legend meant as to where the secret location should be in order to hide from a sorceress, named Maya, and raise him. It was thanks to the kid and Cicci that they must train him in the Jungle, the same place where Simba and Buckshot were raised all those years ago.

Before they went to the big soccer tournament against Shere Khan and Maya, the main trio (Ari, Light, and Fox) have returned to the garden where Simba,Farna, Simba Jr., Flash, Thin and XL and the others resided. He and his clan encouraged the team to defeat the evil forces and fulfill the Fifth Prophecy; they were invited to watch them seize victory. Sure enough, when Ari fulfilled his destiny, he remained with him in his friends as Ari warped his home into the Singing Valley, and Shere Khan and Kurdy were banished.


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