Rum is a little monkey, The Black Corsair's pet and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Black Corsair.



Rum is very lively, friendly, mischievous, playful and typical of the place where he lives for example like protecting himself from the enemies when he hides on any place when he gets scared or afraid since he doesn't like danger or getting scolded. Also, because of his fondness of alcohol, but he also loves rum and any other alcoholic drink, from which it takes its name.

Physical Appearance

Rum is in the height of mostly 2 inches tall from his slender body with copper brown fur and white beard-like hair on his pink-skinned face with cute eyes and a tail with beige hands and feet.


And now, he wears a black hat, a blue cape (formerly), lime green vest and lime green underwear with a red stripe.

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