Piron is the prince of the Sea Tribe and one of the main characters and protagonists of the animated series, Gormiti.


Piron is the prince of the Sea Tribe and when the battle cry calls out, there's no doubt that he will come through. He has a twin brother named Deron, who is secretly jealous of his brother's Gorm-Stone-granted abilities. Although supportive to his face, Deron secretly plots against him behind the scenes and may even be working with Magor.

Physical Appearance

When he enters a body of water, his physical form takes on the appearance of that liquid rendering him invisible to enemies. Much like his physical form, Piron is the toughest prince to nail down, and there are times when his commitment to the greater good of Gorm is called into question.


Piron, the Water Prince of the Sea Tribe has a deep, spiritual, philosophical approach to things. He's all about going with the flow, even if that means doing something his fellow heroes don't agree with or understand. He's a little aloof at times and while it comes across as being "spacey" he's actually extremely smart.

Powers and Abilities

Piron has command over all things that are liquid, which includes sections of his own physical form. When he powers up, he can fire water missiles, create liquid shields, and even shape water slides for his fellow princes to travel on. Also, he had three special powers that were combined to defeat the Volcano Tribe.

  • Piron + Agrom = Hydrochasms - Crevices suddenly opened by Agrom and just as suddenly refilled with water by Piron so that Lava baddies get dunked
  • Piron + Noctis = Mist Fist - A hard-hitting wall of air-atomized water
  • Piron + Tasaru = Double Douse - Water-propelled tree-trunk battering rams.
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