Oona is one of the five aliens of the group and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Oona is a beautiful alien with her analytical and intellectual mind and the exact opposite of Ulee's sister, Neema.


Not terribly pretty, she is super intelligent. Because of her analytical mind and aptitude for formulating theories, she basically considers daily life to be a problem. The other Nimbols consider Oona to be precocious, a wisecrack, and a nasty telltale, since she cannot resist reporting things to Benedikt.

Oona becomes easily nervous during tricky situations. Her analytical solutions are then difficult to comprehend, especially when she presents them in her hectic manner. Whenever her nerves can no longer cope with the situation, she lets out a painful scream. She is then quiet and fearful, and complies with all decisions made by the other group members on how to handle the problem at hand.

Oona is helpless in situations where action— not reflection— is required. She reacts hysterically under such circumstances.

Physical Appearance

Oona is slender with golden tan-yellow skin, lavender-purple eyes with light aqua eyelids, thin lavender-eyebrows and black eyelashes, scooper-like pointed ears, lavender lips with lavender brain-like curly hair.

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