Noctis is the prince of the Air Tribe and one of the main characters and protagonists of the animated series, Gormiti.


Noctis comes from a very powerful family, so he recognizes himself as a "prince" in the truest sense of the word. In fact, he pretty much thinks he should be in charge! In his mind, he's almost royalty. His family has never forgotten the legends of the Gorm Stones, but decades of retelling the tale has definitely resulted in the blurring of some "facts." And the truth is, a lot of his attitude is rooted in pressure from his tribe to be the best.

To them, he is their soon-to-be king. In return, Noctis draws upon the belief of his tribe, giving him good reason to be so confident. The more time Noctis hangs out with the other young princes the more fun he becomes. But it only takes a moment back around his family to hit that reset button! Noctis' father, King Nadar is his closest confidant, but has a difficult time embracing the diversity of his son's Gorm allies. He does not understand Noctis's need to look outside the walls of their own kingdom for inspiration.


Noctis, the prince of the Air Tribe is the most overbearing of the young heroes, but also he is heroic, serious, brave, and stubborn. He acts like he knows all there is to know about Gorm, their powers, and the legendary Heart of Gorm itself. But in truth, he's just a kid like the rest of them! What Noctis doesn't know, he simply makes up with great authority. He gets angry and short-tempered when his fellow princes call him on it - even though they're usually right at sniffing out Noctis's fabrications.

Powers and Abilities

For all of his bluster, when the action kicks off and he accesses his Gorm Stone, Noctis shows great skill in his use of his powers. Even when he rubs his fellow princes the wrong way, his attitude is offset by his undeniable skill. Not only does he display control over winds and storms, he is alsoable to fly by lifting himself (or others) on cushions of air. When he gets really wound up, Noctis can rotate the lower half of his body fast enough to generate a tornado effect.

  • Noctis + Agrom = Sandscreen - A cloak-like cloud of fine airborne sand - for camouflage or abrasive attack.
  • Noctis + Tasaru = Velocileaf - Highly focused wind gusts bounced off of plant surfaces directed by Tasaru creating focused air beams that act like laser beams.
  • Noctis + Piron = Waterfall - Water nodules raised in the air where they freeze and fall as ice bombs.


  • He is not to be confused with Noctis Lucis Caelum (from Final Fantasy XV), who is coincidentally also a prince.
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