Nigel Trapped is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season (The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.


The seven pieces of the magic crystal are united, and the Shariman lights up brilliantly. Farhat prepares to confront Egokhan, but the demon creates a diversion: he blocks Nigel in the shaft of a mine in England where he works. Tilda comes to discover this, and urges our friends to save him. Before leaving, Farhat hides the Shariman in the desert sand.

Reunited in England, our friends reach Nigel in the coal mine, but Egokhan is trying to thwart this reunion with red-hot subterranean magma. Wings will come to the rescue! Returned to the desert, Farhat notices with horror that the crystal has disappeared and Tilda then realizes that it has been stolen by a kind of bird.

While Farhat’s shadow sets out after the thief, our friends escape from Egokhan who is seeking to annihilate them, driven by Rashid. They will in the end manage to evade the menace in a truly spectacular fashion.




  • Nigel Swanson


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