Neema is one of the five aliens of the group and one of the main characters of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Neema is one of the aliens who is dedicated to everything and everybody including the gang and also the one who can identify and assess problems.


Neema is passionate, impulsive and attractive. She wants to improve the world – now, not tomorrow. Warm-hearted, she tries everything to get the other Nimbols to listen to her ideas, but most of the time she is not successful. She loses courage and becomes depressed if one of her ideas or projects gets shot down. If danger looms on the horizon, she grows spirited and pragmatic.

Blip is the man of her dreams, which doesn’t please Oona. Neema thinks her brother Ulee is embarrassing, but should anyone dare to tease him, they’d better watch out! Neema is very active. When she is not searching for her brother, she meets with friends or takes an active part in a demonstration. One day she feels like she can save the world on her own, and the next she is terribly depressed, often complaining not about the world, but about her new pimple.

When she is in a bad mood, it's Benedikt who offers her help and advice. Her younger brother, Ulee, comforts her during such occasions. Blip stands her by, but has to be constantly pushed into action.

Physical Appearance

Neena is a beautiful and slender alien with golden tan-yellow skin, brown eyes with green eyelids, thin green eyebrows, black eyelashes, scooper-like pointed ears, salmon-pink lips and green hair.

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