Marianne (or Marianna) is a character, James Brooke's niece and the tritagonist of the animated series, Sandokan.


Physical Appearance

She has delicate facial features, fair skin, loose long blond hair (now shorter), violet eyes, long and slim figure, small waist, long neck. In Labuan, she wore a beautiful long blue dress with earrings, however for the majority of the series she wears loose trousers tucked into high boots along with a plain simple shirt. Around her neck is a pearl choker with matching earrings.


She is a female leader and the element of the group, willing to live on Sandokan's side, sharing all of his responsibilities. Marianne is ruled by her sentiments, and is determined, proud, courageous, and adventurous. She is also very beautiful and charming. She always seems to look at the positive side of things. Marianne always carries a violin that is very dear to her, as it had been a gift from her mother. When she plays, she seems to withdraw into an inner world where sometimes even Sandokan cannot follow her.

Fierce and rebellious, she amazes her male rivals with her intelligence, smartness, courage, unscrupulousness, and her ability to fight. She is not weak, but she has a strong charismatic temper, capable of pulling herself out of difficult situations and helping her friends in the most dangerous moments. She’s endowed with an extraordinary aim and she’s a riding master.


  • From the third episode, The Tsunami in the third season, The Two Tigers, Marianne’s hair was shorter. Her new hairstyle is a short blonde bob, similar to the character Valentina by Crepax, going down nearly under her ears and also, bangs were taken into consideration.

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