Maliki (Italian: Malachia) is a character, Raf's biological father and the former (at the end) secondary antagonist of the series and franchise, Angel's Friends.


In the past from 1800, Maliki was an alchemist who lived in Paris with his wife, Angelie and his baby daughter, Raf. In that time, he was a gentle, fatherly and happy man who couldn't wish for a better life but when his wife was kidnapped by a mysterious force that was Cassidy and Kubral right before his eyes, his personality changed.


He became cold, arrogant and selfish and began using his alchemist abilities to enrich. His only light and hope in life was Raf, the only person he loved and cared about after Angelie's disappearance.

After he became Reina's slave, Maliki didn't have feelings at all, he was a puppet in his mistress' hands and only had the will to fulfill the desires of his mistress. A couple of days before his death and sacrifice, he began feeling strange when he was around Raf but tried to forget about it.

Physical Description

Maliki has got short got dark blue and white hair and beard, blue eyes.

Role in the series


He used to be an alchemist in the past, back in 1800, and lived with his wife Angelie and his daughter Raf in Paris before Reina's sacrilege. Later he becomes Reina's slave in the Limbo and lives only for her. The memories of his past are erased.


In the original Italian comics, Maliki was the main antagonist. He was a Devil who gave up his eternal life because he loved a former human woman, Vera. When she left him, he decided to take revenge of Angels, Devils and humanity. He had raised an army of ancient creatures, called the Reliveds to threaten the world. The Angels and the Devils form an alliance to fight against him.


Black Shield

This power was given to him by the Black Sphere created by Reina that creates a shield around him.

Black Bullets

This power allows him to release several black spider-web like balls, called Black Bullets. It was only used in the episode, War Atmosphere.

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