Magwa is the leader of the Hurons, sworn enemy of the Mohicans and the primary, main antagonist of the animated series, The Last of the Mohicans.


Magwa is a 30-year old Huron who ruthlessly hates Colonel Munro and wants to take revenge on him by defeating him and marrying his daughter Cora, as he destroyed his village.


Magwa is ruthless, villainous, murderous, traitorous, aggressive, evil, barbaric, cold-hearted, cold-blooded, merciless, vengeful, sadistic, arrogant and cruel. He suffers his own passions and wild violence with his tomahawk which he uses to expresses himself. This very ferocity of his is in fact his weakness, as his blind rage is the mirror of his own inner frailty. His death is that of a warrior of the other side.

Physical Apperance

Magwa is slender, muscular with tan skin with small, yellow eyes, eyebrows that intersect at a pronounced nose, and earlobes that are stretched and pierced with an earring. His face is tattooed, and his head shaven with a tuft of dark hair forming a Mohawk. Under the nape of his neck are three falcon skins. His torso is bare and he also wears war paint and Indian moccasins.

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