Magor is the dreaded ruler of the Volcano Tribe and the main antagonist of the animated series, Gormiti.


Currently a shadow of his former self, Magor of the Dark Places is a vengeful ruler. Imprisoned for thousands of years in a bed of cooled magma, his exile had come to a mysterious end. Something has released his dark soul on the modern era! We will discover during the series that a "traitor" has actually handed him Old Sage's Gorm Stone to awaken him).

But time has left Magor with injuries that currently limit his mobility. Commanding a slowly-massing legion of troops from beneath a volcano, Magor's power is reduced, but increasing daily. Magor wants one thing ... well actually, four things: the ancient Gorm Stones that Agrom and the other princes possess. As unwitting targets of his new dark plans, it will be a long while before the princes come face-to-face with Magor himself ... and by then, his powers will surely have grown exponentially!

Defeated in ancient times from the previous Lords of Nature, Magor has reappeared in this was to restore his Reign of Terror! Although devoid of powers of Gorm Stone, Magor remains the embodiment of terror throughout the Gorm. The Lords will find bread for their teeth hungry battles, Magor is ready to do anything to return to power!

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