Love at First Sight is the tenth episode of the first season of the animated series, Sissi: The Young Empress. It was released on November 6, 2015.


Sissi meets Johann, a mysterious boy who has a pendant that allows him to read in the thoughts of her animal friends. He explains that the magic bracelet no longer works because she initiated a spell she has never finished. Sissi understands that this is the spell that protects Franz's memory.


In Bad Ischl comes Baroness von Tollet along with her daughter Ilary, for Theodore's joy, and also along with the squirrel Lulu, for Nut's joy. Officially she comes here to bring Sissi the crown, finally ready, but in reality, her projects concern the magic bracelet, she discovers that it is on Sissi's wrist, but she keeps the secret just for herself, not revealing even to Sofia. Why?

Ludwig has to leave to Vienna but Tilse, the daughter of her Sommer, the bookseller who sold the book on the bracelet and his good friend, seems to be disappeared. Sissi along with Nut and Lulu must remedy because the male-squirrel makes a lot of trouble which he assists on getting too close to the hatching of the duck and small ducklings' eggs. Due to the imprinting, she recognizes him as their "mother"!

While she is dealing with them, trying to change their mind, Sissi meets Johann, a local boy with a very special feature and also with telepathic powers that he reveals her something about her magic bracelet. Theodore, Ilary and Mary, walking around the village, meets a friendly sewer, grandmother Ida, who makes beautiful wool bracelets. The charmed children would like to buy, but she gives them away asking someone strange in exchange. Franz returns to Vienna as a hero, saving Elodie and the girl seems fallen in love with the young emperor of Austria, but does not know that his heart is already been engaged.

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