Life in Danger (Italian: Vite in Pericolo) is the nineteenth episode of the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on November 5, 2009.


During the field trip to the Caves of Obscurity, more trouble happens. Reina, with her powers of the Black Sphere with her scepter, creates a storm of purple, but dirty oil-like rain that begins to fall on the Earthly Ones and the Eternals. To avoid staining their clothes with the oil-like water, Julia, Helen and Matthew, too far from the bus run for cover and as they enter the cave, the entrance collapses, trapping Sulfus and Raf with the others inside by Maliki's power. Unfortunately, Gabe and Misha remain outside the cave along with the Eternals and cannot help their Earthly Ones.

Julia, Helen and Matthew make the choice to enter the warm pools inside the cave to take a swim, and Raf hurries after her Earthly Ones to protect them, only to be lost in the water. Sulfus is determined to make things right, and is astounded to find that the other Earthly Ones can see him, and even touch him because of an enchanted light that is glowing in their space. He becomes aware of Raf’s words: "Free Will, the ability to decide what path to take, the most precious gift of every Earthly One." And, he realizes he too must make the right choice.

The other Angels and Devils were attacked by a stampeding herd of venomous, flashing red blood-eyed, black monkey-like Pherox that was unleashed by Reina and came from the mountain. Urie, in her shoulder and Cabiria, in her leg are bitten and poisoned. To find a research and cure for the antidote, Arkhan and Temptel takes both of them back to the Golden School and to the infirmary because they have been bitten by Pherox. Meanwhile, a giant octopus approaches from the water and grabs Helen and Raf with its tentacles and Sulfus, Matthew, and Julia were attacked.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching that there are many choices in life.
  • Teaching that having strong values, gives you the resources to make the right choices.




Earthly Ones

  • Julia and Helen
  • Matthew
  • Bully Boyz
  • Andrew
  • Bad Girlz
  • Edward
  • Jennifer




  • Stop Fly


  • When Raf tries to walk into the Caves of Obscurity along with Gabe, Misha and Sulfus, her wings turned her color from celestial blue to light pink.
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