Jolly (ジ ョ リ ー Jorī) is one of the Seven Dwarfs and one of the main characters of the Japanese anime series, The Legend of Snow White.


Jolly is the youngest of the seven dwarfs and considered to be the most inexperienced, but he is perhaps 50 years old, but for a dwarf's age, this would be relative to human teenage years, and he is a living proof of this.


He is enthusiastic, happy, sensitive, explosive, and extroverted. Jolly embodies all the qualities that come to mind when we hear the phase "moving from childhood to adolescence." But beneath his stubbornness and childlike appearance lies a true heart, capable of doing anything to defend Snow White (as he likes him from the first time he sees her) even argue with his co-inhabitants to let her stay and is accompanying her almost all the time.

Physical Appearance

Jolly is short, slender and beardless with pointed ears, human-like nose, chocolate brown hair and eyebrows on his face. Also, he wears a dark-red hat, mustard-seed yellow short sleeved shirt with a button, black belt, long leaf-green sleeves, pants and a collar plus black shoes.


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